Junk Removal

Average Costs

The average cost for junk removal ranges between $95-$600. The most common factors that determine costs are load size, debris weight, location, mileage and labor requirements. The cost increases on holidays and weekends. You can also ask for emergency services, but that is rarely required in this case.

Tips on choosing a right junk removal service

When hiring a junk removal service, you must follow these tips.

  • Budget: Pick a company that provides service within the budget set by you.
  • Documentation: Pick a licensed and insured company. A company that fails to provide these documents is very unreliable and more likely to cause damage to your property.
  • Professionalism: Hire a company that has well-trained professionals who are serious about their job and are well mannered and well equipped.
  • Equipment: Only a company that has the right set of equipment is fit for the work.
  • Recycling: Prefer a company that focuses on recycling the waste. Keep reading to find out the importance of recycling.

Basic Information

Examples Of Junk Services:

Some examples of services that are offered under this category are :

  • Removal of appliances
  • Ttrash,
  • Garbage
  • Furniture
  • Yard waste

and anything that is lying around in your house unused which isn’t fit for throwing into the daily garbage can.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Junk Removal

1. Who loads the junk?

The company has specialists who know how to load the junk in a safe and easy manner.

2. What's the right schedule for this?

You can ask for the same day or next day service. Also, landfills are closed Sunday and holidays. So, it is quite unlikely to get the job done over the weekend.

3. Where do you take the junk?

Let us answer this on behalf of junk removal service companies. The items that are in good condition or can fetch good worth are resold or donated. Recyclable materials like paper, plastics, electronics, and metals go to a recycling unit. All other household and construction waste go to the landfill.

As some landfills don’t accept electronics and batteries, they’re separated out and taken to the scrap yard. Tires are also taken out and sent to the local tire shops that transport them to tire recycling facilities.

4. Do you take oil, paint or chemicals?

Most junk removal companies don’t for disposing of these things require special licensing, in addition to extra time and money.

5. How to get rid of these then?

To dispose of oil, hydraulic fluid or brake fluid, take it to your local auto parts store. They offer free recycling service and would pass this stuff to recyclers.

To dispose of paint, leave the paint in open and let it dry. If there’re a lot of paints, add paint drying chemical powders. Once it is dry, you can give it to the company you hire for removing junk.

Why recycle?

Most of the companies try to recycle the junk but why is it so important? That’s because:

  • It’s good for the economy.
  • It helps to create jobs.
  • It helps to reduce waste.
  • It’s good for the environment.
  • It helps to save energy.
  • It helps preserve landfill space.
  • It helps to lessen climate change.
  • It reduces water pollution.
  • It protects wildlife.

Now that you know the basics of junk removal, you need to hire a trustworthy service for this work. Same day Pros can help you find experienced professionals in your locality for free. Use Same Day Pros now.

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