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Have you ever faced a situation when you’re locked out of your car or house? Imagine yourself getting back to your car after a long, exhausting day at the office and finding the key INSIDE the car. Imagine yourself being too tired to stand and to find that you lost the keys to your home. Such situations make you panic. Don’t they?

The only solution to this is to find a professional locksmith. Why has only a professional? Any person who can open the lock would do good. Won’t it?

That’s wrong for only a professional has adequate knowledge about a large selection of lock and security systems. He can help you when you get locked out, rekey the existing locks, make extra keys or even install new locks for you.

Moreover when a professional is working on the task, you don’t need to worry about the damage to your security system that might be caused in the process, if not handled properly. Also, they’re available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can call them anytime.

Average Costs of Locksmith

The average expenditure for this job would be between $35 – $250+. It may differ according to the difficulty of the task, the time taken for the job, billing structure and the time of service. You may need to pay more during weekends, holidays and emergency hours.

Here’s some more information on estimated costs and how they can vary with the kind of job.

House Calls: If you’ve locked yourself out of your house, the minimum charge can be between $35-$150. It changes depending upon the location of your home, type of lock and time of the day.

Locksmith services on evenings, weekends or holidays: The cost for this can go as high as $150-$250. The price is particularly high in remote areas.

Keys: The typical charge to copy a key is $2-$4. For specialized keys, charge maybe $5- $10 while for car keys with an electronic or transponder chip, the cost varies between $75-$150.

Other average costs of a professional locksmith service

  • Residential lockout service: $40-$90
  • Commercial lockout service: $70-$140
  • Standard residential lock change: between $50-$100
  • Drilling, wood or metal door for lock installation: $70-$150
  • Ignition change or rebuild: $120-$200
  • Key programming to the vehicle: $65-$95
  • High-security keys: $160-$260
  • Broken key extraction: $65-$95
  • Safe unlock: $150-$350

Basic Information

Emergency Locksmith Services

Different Types Of Locksmith Services

If you’re wondering what kind of services a professional locksmith can provide, here’s everything you need to know.

Install and fix high-security locks

It is the primary function of locksmiths. They’re well trained in crafting and fixing high-security locks that include the use of fingerprints and eye scans.

Handling and fitting locks

Locksmiths can easily install and adjust locks on different items like cars, doors, etc. They can also replace the dysfunctional locks without damaging the entire security system.

Free consultation

Professional locksmiths can offer you a free consultation for all the related service needs. It allows you to double check that your security system is working properly.

Help you when you get locked out and get new keys

If you’re locked out of your car or house or have a broken key, they can help you deal with that issue. They can also create spare keys for you if you require.

Advice For Hiring A Locksmith

If you need to hire a professional, be it for regular inspection or emergency assistance, these tips can help.

Find a professional before you need one

Looking for a locksmith when you get stuck in an emergency situation is quite tough. Therefore, we advise you to find a good professional in your area, inquire about the billing and emergency services and save his contact details. This way you won’t panic in the situation of lockouts or loss of keys.

Know the professional locksmith’s area

Ask the service about the area they serve in. If you’re driving around the city or state, you must have this information. Some servicemen are based in other states and hire employees to serve in different states and cities. Such companies can overcharge you in emergency situations. So, do thorough research about where the company is located and on what basis, do they charge.

Beware of fraudulent locksmiths

The Federal Trade Commission warns against locksmiths that appear local but operate in wide-ranging areas with an 800 phone number and don’t have proper training and expertise for the work.

Ask the company for license, insurance and for how long they have been in business

By asking for license, you can ensure that the professional has gone through a good amount of training for this work. Insurance and bond proof is a must for one small mistake can damage your entire security system. Make sure you hire a business that has been working for a long time.

Know your local locksmith pricing

Don’t be afraid to call up all the professional locksmiths in your area and inquire about their pricing structure.

Reviews and ratings

Make sure you check online reviews of the company you’re planning to hire. You would get to know what their past customers are saying about them. It will save you from hiring a bad professional.

The work of a locksmith is a little bit ancient, but it continues to grow in demand throughout the years. That is because despite the changes in time, we still have to secure our things and ourselves from people who have bad intentions.

Hiring a reliable locksmith for this purpose is of utmost importance. You can use Same Day Pros to hire well reputed trained professionals in your locality. We assure you that we show you only the best in the area.

Tips & Advice

Ask For The License – A license means you can trust the person you’re hiring.

Proof Of Insurance – A bond and insurance is necessary for sometimes, your entire security system might blow off due to the repair work.

Business Stability – Only a business that provides acceptable services can run for a long time. Thus, a business that has been existence for years is always better than a newbie offering services at low prices.

Check Online Reviews – It would take only a few clicks to find out what other people in your locality think of that company.

References – You can even ask for direct references from the company. Reputed companies would happily provide you details of their recent clients, and then you can contact such people and clear your doubts.

24-hour Emergency Service – Always pick a company that provides emergency services for you never know when you can get stuck in a lockout situation.

Over The Phone Pricing – Though you can give an idea about the issue on the phone but fixing the price over the phone is a very bad idea unless you don’t mind being overcharged.

Free Estimates – Ask for a free estimate before the work begins.

Safety Record – If the serviceman working on the job has a record of blowing up security systems while fixing the locks, you don’t want to hire that person. Do you? Inquire about their past work on the job.

Satisfaction Guarantee – One day they installed a lock and next it doesn’t work. Would you want to pay again for doing the task? Of course not. That’s why you must ask for satisfaction guarantee when working with installing new locks.


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