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Pest Control

Do you want to preserve your home’s value and structural health? If yes, then you must protect your house from termites and other pests. Of course, it would lead to expenditure on hiring pest control services.

But do you know that a single colony of termites can cause huge damage that would take around $3000 – $5000 to repair? And this doesn’t include the residual costs associated with lost value due to of having a history of an infestation.

To prevent such pricey bills and loss, you must call a professional pest control company to survey and correct the problem. Such a company can safeguard your home from pests, termites, roaches, spiders, ants and many such home invaders.

It’s recommended to put on safety measures even when your house is pest free at present. However, if your house is facing an invasion at present, the company professionals can also help you get rid of it safely and quickly.

Average Costs of Pest Control

The average cost pest control companies charge ranges between $150-$500+. It can vary according to some factors like:

  1. Level of infestation.
  2. What kind of infestation is there.
  3. What’s the location and size of your house.
  4. What kind of billing structure company follows.
  5. On what day or time, you’re availing the services.
  6. What an amount of labor goes into the job.

And many more. Here are some common price examples:

Insects: The cost depends on how long you want the effect of pest control measures to stay. For example, the cost of keeping it insect free for 90 days lies between $50 to $70 while the cost of keeping it insect free for a year would range between $200 to $500.

Rodents: You will have to pay $75 to $100 for pest control for rodents.

Animals: It is difficult to mention the average cost for this as the cost depends upon the difficulty of the task. Where’s the animal located? How many are there? Is it a dangerous animal? Is there any possibility of injury during removal of the pest? Snakes can be poisonous, bats can cause rabies and so on. Sometimes, you might even need to call a professional animal removal company instead of a pest control professional.

Basic Information

Natural Pest Control

Questions You Must Ask Local Pest Control Service Before Hiring.

Is your service guaranteed?

Many problems don’t eliminate with a single service. If a company offers a guaranteed service, they will return to re-treat your home for up to 30 days after the first visit without charging extra.

Is the company licensed?

All states require professional licensing for service companies and technicians. Ask if the company has got the license and is legally authorized to offer you services or not.

Are technicians bonded?

Bonding is a form of insurance that covers any damages that the technician may cause to your property. It is better to ask for the proof of insurance beforehand.

Must I sign a pest control contract?

Some companies ask you to sign a 1-year contract. But you don’t need to worry about that if you’re hiring a reputable company for they allow you to cancel services anytime you wish.

What type of treatment program do you propose?

A pest control company should outline a plan of attack before the service agreement is signed.

What pesticides will you use?

A company should describe the kinds of pesticides they will use and also if there are any potential hazards to your family, pets or environment.

Are there natural ways to combat pests?

Some companies do offer “green” alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides.

Will my family need to leave home during treatment?

It depends upon the pesticides used.

Can you provide references?

Though every company will call itself the best, it is a good idea to seek the opinion of past and current customers.

How much experience do you have handling pests?

The experience differs with the kind of pests. Seek out a company that has frequently worked with pests that have infected your house.

To find a company that matches your criteria for selection, use Same Day Pros which has local service professionals listed under 100+ categories. We’re sure you can easily find the one you require through Same Day Pros.

Tips & Advice

Ask For The License – Because hiring a company without the license is like inviting trouble for a meal.

Ask For Proof Of Insurance – Who would handle paying the damage a technician might accidentally cause to your property?

Business Stability – Choose a company that has been in business for a long time.

Check Online Reviews – Because companies may over promise, but their past clients can tell you exactly what they do and don’t do.

References – If you want to be a little more sure about hiring that particular company, ask for direct references and then consult those people about hiring.

24-hour Emergency Service – Though it is rare to have a home that gets flooded by pests in an hour, still you must inquire if you can avail services on an emergency basis or not.

Over The Phone Pricing – Don’t go for it unless you want to be overcharged.

Free Estimates – Ask for the estimate before finalizing a company.

Safety Record – Prefer a company and serviceman that has a good safety record.

Satisfaction Guarantee – If the company provides a satisfaction guarantee, they would be happy to revisit and redo the work for a month or so until your house is infestation free.

Cleanup – Ask them who would handle cleaning up whatever mess that gets accumulated while doing the job.


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