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Are you spending enough time and maintenance efforts on your swimming pool? Maintaining a pool is much more than just removing the debris from the surface. To ensure the safety of your family members and your surrounding area, you must go for proper pool service at least once a week.

A professional pool service uses top-quality equipment to make sure that the pool works correctly and balance the water chemistry by removing off harmful chemicals that might be present in the water. They can also help you learn to maintain your pool by yourself.

Their knowledge and expertise can not only keep your pool clean but also keep it safe. Therefore, you must hire one of the best professionals in your locality for this task.

Wait! This isn’t only for those who want to hire a pool service. Keep reading to find some essential DIY tips and resources as well.

Average Costs of Pool Service

The cost for pool service is a monthly expenditure that ranges between $74 – $200+ per month. The cost may differ according to the time it takes to complete a job, the location of the swimming pool, nature of cleaning methods required for your area and so on.

Here’s the approximate cost of the regular tasks that need to be performed.

  • Regular filter cleaning costs: $50-$75
  • Power vacuuming $45-$150 per hour
  • Opening Service $75-$175
  • Closing Service $75-$175

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Pool Service

Pool Service Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Pool Maintenance

While most of the homeowners use the pool in summer, paying attention to pool maintenance is equally important in winter. During winter, you need to choose whether you want to shut down the pool or keep it running. Our quick guide to pool service and maintenance in winter can help.

During the onset of summer, you would need to focus on how you can get your swimming pool ready. We recently posted about this on our blog. Check this post.

Below are the usual pool maintenance activities that you need to do regularly to keep your pool usable.


Skim the pool’s service by hand every few days. That is, in fact, one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your pool clean.


If you vacuum the pool every week, it will help keep water clean and clear and reduce the number of chemicals you need to add to the pool.

Filter Cleaning

It is important to clean the pool filter regularly. Make sure you follow the pool service technician’s instructions for this task.

Service The Pool Heater

The pool heater requires a maintenance service at least once a year.

Maintain Water Level

It is important for, during swimming season, a lot of water gets lost because of evaporation and normal wear and tear.

Maintain PH level

Get the pool water tested regularly to make sure it’s clean and healthy.

Shock The Pool

Super chlorinate or shock pool water back to normal chlorine levels. That’s important as it helps to get rid of harsh odor that may be produced by imbalanced chlorine levels.

Things You Must Keep In Mind While Hiring A Pool Service Company

  1. Make sure the company is licensed and has proper liability and workman’s compensation proof.
  2. Ask about who will perform the cleaning task and what’s their experience with this kind of job.
  3. Hire a company that focuses on good customer service.
  4. Don’t hire a company that makes you feel like you’re hiring amateurs.
  5. Always go for professionals.

Duties Of A Local Pool Service Company

If you’re wondering what exactly a local pool service company would do when it’s hired, here’s a small checklist:

  1. Skim debris off water’s surface
  2. Vacuum the pool’s floor
  3. Scrub the pool walls and steps
  4. Empty the skimmer baskets
  5. Make sure all equipment is up to date with the newest technology and in working order
  6. Balance the chemicals in the pool
  7. Monitor water level
  8. Change pool filter (when needed)
  9. Shock the pool (when needed)

Tips & Advice

  1. Always ask for the license of the company before you hire.
  2. Check the proof of insurance carefully.
  3. Hire a business that has been running since at least a year.
  4. Check online reviews of the business before hiring.
  5. Ask for direct references and inquire about their experience with hiring that particular company.
  6. Ask if the company provides services on weekends or holidays.
  7. Try to discuss the price face to face and after the company’s servicemen have inspected the pool properly.
  8. Ask for a written estimate.
  9. Check the safety record of servicemen employed at your pool.
  10. Look for a company that provides the satisfaction guarantee.
  11. Inquire about how will the company handle the waste material generated while doing this task.

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