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Did you just face a heavy storm and can see heaps of dust around your house or office? Are you planning to get your house repainted? Are you looking for ways to get rid of the dirty stained sidewalk? What if there’s a single solution to all these problems?

With just a few phone calls and short research, you can hire a pressure washing service. In no time, you would have skilled professionals at your doorstep and see your house or office sparkling clean.

A good pressure wash doesn’t just remove off the dust, but it also make your property look more attractive and add up to its value. But before you go on to hire someone for the job, you must know the ins and outs of hiring such a service.

Average Costs of Pressure Washing

The average cost for pressure washing ranges between $150 – $500+.

The cost, in fact, depends upon several factors like billing structure, the property that needs to be cleaned, its area, its location, etc. Such factors may or may not affect the overall cost you have to pay for this job.

Basic Information

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Why Should You Hire A Pressure Washing Company?

We’re asked this question quite often. Can’t you just do this task by yourself or hire part-time pressure washers for this? You can but here’s why you shouldn’t.

State of the art equipment

Getting professional quality equipment from a normal retail store is quite tough and costly. Professional power washers come equipped with the best kind of washing equipment that’s able of cleaning different types of surfaces to remove mold, dirt, and mildew.

Environment-Safe work

Professional power washers have to follow strict EPA regulations and guidelines while working. They use environmentally-safe chemicals and are careful about preventing water contamination. Thus, even if you’re able to save a few bucks by hiring a part-time worker, you would be posing a great risk to the environment.

Licensed & Insured

Accidents happen. What if your home got destroyed under a DIY pressure wash? We’re pretty sure that the normal insurance homeowners hold doesn’t cover that cost. But if the same happens while a professional company is at work, they can get the cost covered by their insurance. So, what seems to be the better option?

Experienced & Time-Efficient

The professional power washers, owing to their experience, are very efficient at what they do. They can thoroughly clean your house in the most time-efficient manner. They not only help you save time but also reduce the risk of something going wrong during the washing process.

Questions You Must Ask

Now that you must be pretty convinced on why hiring a professional company is the only option you should consider, here are some questions that can help you hire the right company for the task.

Do you have a license and insurance?

Asking for a license can increase the chances of getting best quality work. If you thoroughly check for liability and workman’s compensation insurance proof, it can save you from a lot of loss and trouble in case of some damage to your property during the task.

Can you please give me some references?

Ask for some references and then you should ask how long ago they had the service and if their home still looks good.

What’s the cleaning process?

Ask how the pressure washing works and how their team will clean your property. Also, ask about their working hours on site as it would help you to manage your schedule accordingly. Do ask about which servicemen would be employed on the job and inquire about their safety record too.

What’s the estimated cost for the work?

Try to get an estimate from every company you can consider hiring. Most of them provide free estimates so it shouldn’t be a problem to accomplish. Then carefully analyze who provides the best services in best price. Remember that a company that is offering a low quote might be providing you fewer services than required. Be careful.

  1. How long will the washing process take?
  2. How many professionals will be appointed for your task? What are their working hours?
  3. What kind of chemicals do you use? Are they safe?
  4. Are those chemicals environment-friendly?
  5. Will the chemicals harm your garden?
  6. Will the chemicals or washing process hurt the vinyl siding of your home?

Pressure Washers Tasks

If you’re wondering what tasks are covered by a pressure washer, here’s a small list that can give you a fair idea about that.

  1. Residential
  2. Houses
  3. Driveways
  4. Pool Decks
  5. Wood Decks
  6. Screened Enclosures
  7. Patios
  8. Fences
  9. Mobile Homes
  10. Low-Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning
  11. Commercial
  12. Store Fronts
  13. Office Buildings
  14. Restaurants
  15. Stadiums
  16. Schools
  17. Parking Garages
  18. Apartments
  19. Condos

As we understand how significant it is for you to find the right pressure washing service providers, we can help you in that. Same Day Pros is a platform that enlists the top service professionals all around the United States.

Tips & Advice

Ask For The License – Make sure the company has proper state and local license to run a business in your area.

Proof Of Insurance – It is a must for you can never foretell the accidental damage that might be caused.

Business Stability – check for how long the particular company has been a business. It indicates their reliability for only a good company survives for long.

Check Online Reviews – Go on the internet and search for reviews by other locals who have used the services from the same company.

References – Direct references can provide you a better idea of what you should expect. Any good company would be happy to provide you some references before you hire them.

24-hour Emergency Service – Ask if the company provides services on weekends, holidays and under emergency hours. Though you might need that but having information on that would come handy during some rare scenarios.

Over The Phone Pricing – It is always better to avoid this.

Free Estimates – Ask for a detailed estimate and then compare and analyze it with other service providers in your area before hiring.

Safety Record – A serviceman with a good safety record is less prone to injuries. He is less likely to cause damage to your property. So, ask about the safety record of servicemen and try to hire people who have a clean safety record.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Ask if the company provides you guarantee for their work? Don’t forget to nudge them for complete details on guarantee conditions.

Cleanup – Ask if the company would take the responsibility of clearing the debris that might get accumulated at the end of the process.


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