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Roofing Installation

Did you know? Professional roof installers measure and provide estimates by “squares”.

A square is equivalent to 100 square feet, while the average cost of roof installation per square is $350 to $500.

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Most residential roofs in the U.S. are around 1,700 square feet or 17 squares. And shingles are the most popular option of roofing in the country. That means it would cost $6,000 to $9,000 for an asphalt shingle roof replacement on an average-sized American home.

If you own a bigger house, expect to pay around $11,200 to $16,000 for a basic roof installation.

Most roofing contractors employ 40% materials and 60% labor costs on the quotation.

These quotations usually include:

  • removal and disposal of one to two layers of old singles
  • installation of new roof underlayment (material between the shingles and roof sheathing)

some types of underlayment are: roofing felt or synthetic underlayment

  • chimney reflashing
  • ice and water shield
  • 5 to 10-year workmanship warranty

Other factors such as your home’s location, materials and type of roofing system will affect the overall price of the whole project.

(Note that these are just guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect should you ask for a quotation from professional roofers)

Roof Replacement Cost (by Material)

Depending on which material you choose, the cost to replace the roof in your home can start from $5,000 up to $45,000. Shingles could be made from asphalt, wood, clay, metal or slate. Each has its own pros and cons and requirements for care.

Asphalt Shingle Installation – Cost: $5,300 to $11,000

  • Most common type of material used in the U.S.
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Economical option
  • DIY-friendly
  • Easy to find a contractor to repair/install shingles

Wood Shake Installation – Cost: $10,000 to $20,000

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • All-natural
  • DIY-friendly (and easy to replace)
  • High maintenance and would require treatment to prevent insects and mold
  • Quickly deteriorates
  • Prone to fire

Rubber/Plastic Wood Shake Installation – Cost: $10,000 to $18,000

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fire retardant

Tile Roofing Installation – Cost: $8,000 to $30,000

  • Durable (can last up to 70 years in the right environment)
  • Not ideal for areas experiencing hurricanes, tornados or heavy snow
  • Easy to replace and repair
  • Various shapes and colors available

Note that pricing will vary depending on the type of tile used. Concrete tiles would run from $8,000 to $22,000, Clay tiles are from $13,000 to $30,000, while Customized tiles can go above $50,000.

Metal Roofing Installation – Cost: $5,000 to $12,000

  • Plenty of options/types to choose from: tin roof, steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, seam standing metal
  • Resistant to any climate condition
  • Ideal for homes where heavy snowfall is prevalent
  • Good long-term investment (for high-end options)

Slate Roofing Installation – Cost: $18,000 to $45,000

  • Durable (long life expectancy)
  • Has a natural appearance
  • Ideal on large-sized houses

Roof Removal Cost (by Material)

If you are only looking to remove a part of your roof and replace it with a new one, the cost for an average roof removal starts from $100 to $175 per square. The price will also depend on the type of roofing that you have and the extent of the damage.

Asphalt, Slate or Tile Shingles – Cost: $125 to $150 per square

Note that slate and tile shingles take longer to remove than asphalt as they are heavier. Tiles that are in good condition can also be saved for other projects so roofers may need more time in removing them.

This is a good thing to remember so you can factor in the extended labor time in your overall budget.

Wood Shake – Cost: $100 to $125 per square

Metal Roof – Cost: $125 to $175 per square


Entire New Roof Installation Cost

If your entire roof needs a replacement or if you’re in the process of building a new home that would *obviously* need a roof, your budget should be $10,000 to $20,000.

In getting a new roof installed, the top layer of shingles is usually replaced, including the underlying structure.

While you may get a lower initial quote, do expect that the price could go higher should your contractor run into issues. Some of the reasons could be: damaged gutters, leaking chimneys, removal of excess layers, etc. so it’s best to be ready with an additional budget just in case.

The best way to get an idea of the cost is to ask for quotations from several roofing companies so you can compare prices. Search on Same Day Pros and you’ll find a number of roof installers near you.

If your roof is getting pretty old and (worst) leaky, it’s a clear sign that you need to have a new one installed.

Unfortunately, roof installation is one of the most expensive, yet essential home improvement projects that you’ll ever run into.

On average, American homeowners will spend anywhere between $11,000 to $16,500 to remove and replace an old asphalt roof. The cost would be higher for a metal or tile roof installation.

The good thing is, roofs that are properly installed and maintained could last up to 20 years. In addition, new roofing will increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve safety and security and will boost your property’s resale value.

If you’re planning on replacing and getting a new roof installed, Same Day Pros can help you find professional roofers near you. It’s as easy as typing in your Zip Code and you will find a comprehensive list of same-day professionals already working in your neighborhood.

Roof Installation: Other Things You Need To Know

Benefits of a Getting a New Roof Installed


Roof installation is rather a pricey home improvement project. So, it’s understandable if you’re still undecided on whether to get a new roof installed or not.

However, if your roof is over 20 years old and is already showing clear signs of issues, it’s time to consider replacing it with a new one. In fact, getting a new roof versus dealing with an old one could be a good investment and well worth your money.

1. Savings on Energy Cost

If you have an old and deteriorating roof, chances are 25% of the air created by your heating system is lost through the roof. In addition, improper ventilation could lead to even more heat to escape. This means that you’re wasting money on energy-related costs.

(Did you know that 30%-50% of air created by your heater or A/C is lost in old, faulty windows? Know more about window installations here )

A properly installed roof will help seal your home from the elements.

Modern roofing techniques and materials are more energy-efficient compared to what may have been used in your home a few years back. So, getting a new roof installed could ultimately lead to energy cost savings.

2. Increased Safety

Old roofs are more susceptible to damage caused by harsh climates. A simple leak, for example, can lead to a bigger problem and could allow water to enter your home and damage your property.

When you have a new roof installed, you won’t have to constantly worry if it could stand the next storm coming in or if it would collapse over your head.

Having that peace of mind that you’re safe in your home makes new roof installation a really good investment.

3. Excellent Warranty Coverage

Speaking of peace of mind, most of the new and high-quality roofing materials (like asphalt shingles) come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty; some even up to 50 years! This means that any minor roofing repairs that may arise are probably covered by warranty.

Do note that most manufacturer warranties require that you have your roof installed by professional roofing contractors.

Do you need help in finding a roofer near you? Just type in your Zip Code and Same Day Pros can help you find one in your area.

4. Increased Curb Appeal

Given that the roof is one of the most prominent features of a house, getting a new one installed could dramatically promote curb appeal.

5. Higher Resale Value

If you’re looking to put your home on the market soon, replacing your old roof is a great idea.

Homebuyers are aware that reroofing could be expensive, so most would walk out on properties that would require them to install a new one.

According to a 2020 report from Remodeling Magazine, a roofing replacement (asphalt shingles) could increase a home’s resale value by over $16,000. For a metal roof replacement, the property’s resale value could even reach almost $25,000.

So, if you think about it, although having a new roof installed is expensive, the increase in resale value makes it definitely worth the investment!


Roof Installation Process: What to Expect

Are you planning to have your roof repaired or get a new one installed?

Chances are, this would be the first time that you would take on this type of home improvement project because it’s not often that you would need to replace your roof.

At this point, you may still be looking for the right roofing company or is in the stage of learning what you should do and expect as a homeowner.

Whether you’re going to hire a professional roofer or are planning to do it by yourself, it’s important to know the process and steps of roof installation to ensure that your new roof is properly installed.


1. Delivery of Materials

When you hire a company to do the roof installment for you, the first day would usually be the delivery of all the materials.

Prior to this day, it would be wise to prepare a location where the roofing materials would be placed.

Oftentimes, a truck would be needed to deliver the materials, while a dump truck will be used when your old roof is removed. Make sure that you also have allotted open space for any vehicles to arrive.

2. Removal of Old Roofing

After the delivery, roofers would start removing your old roofing down to the plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). It’s important that all old shingles and roofing felt will be removed so that there will be a new and clean foundation for your new roof.

As mentioned, dump trucks would usually be used to remove these old materials from your property, so be sure to provide parking.

3. Evaluation

When your old roof is removed, roofing specialists would evaluate whether your sheathing (the plywood or OSB) is rotten or damaged. If it does need replacement, roofers would also tear this out and would install a new one.

4. Underlayment Installation

Once there’s a new foundation for your new roof, the next step is the laying down of new roofing underlayment.

The most common material used for roof underlayment is felt paper, however, the most durable option is the synthetic type of material. Both of these materials are water-resistant and they also come in two thicknesses: 15# and 30#.

5. Ice and Water Shields Installations

If you’re located in an area where there’s snow for a part of the year, it’s essential that you have ice and water shields installed to protect your roof from harsh elements.

Roofers would install this around the very bottom edge of your roof, which is most prone to ice build-up. It’s also ideal to place these products around chimneys as these are the common areas that are prone to leakage.

6. Roof Installation

After all the repairs and replacements have been done on your roof’s foundation, roof installation will begin. The process of installing the roof would depend on what material you chose to use for your roof.

7. Final Inspection and Clean Up

A reputable contractor would do a final inspection once your roof is completely installed. This inspection would also cover your entire property to ensure that any fallen shingles, nails or trash won’t cause you trouble.


Common Roofing Mistakes

A properly installed roof made from quality materials will ensure that your home is protected for years to come.

However, this might not be the case especially if you commit these common roofing mistakes:

1. Covering instead of replacing damaged shingles

A common amateur way of dealing with worn out shingles is to place new ones on top of old ones.

This can cause more moisture and dirt to accumulate and will eventually lead to faster deterioration and more repairs.

The right way of handling old shingles is to remove them entirely and install new ones.

2. Installing a poorly vented roof

A roof with poor ventilation will result in excessive heat build-up and will cause temperatures to rise in your home, especially during the summer months.

This will then lead to you using your A/C more often and then your expense on energy would also go up.

3. Inadequate moisture protection

Your shingles or the outer layer of your roof cannot do the job alone. Your roofing system would need some moisture barriers to prevent water vapor that causes building materials to rot or grow molds.

Another common mistake is tackling the project on your own, most especially if you only have little knowledge about roof repairs or installations.

If you are experiencing issues with your roof, the smartest way to begin is to seek the help of a roofing expert to assess the damage. This will give you a better idea of what kind of roof repair you are facing and if you are capable of doing the work yourself or not.

For example, in order to solve a leak on your roof, you have to identify where the leak is coming from.

Although it’s easy to know that you have a leakage problem when there is clear evidence (e.g. wet stain on your ceiling), determining where this leak may be coming from will be difficult if you’re not a pro.

You’re lucky if you can immediately spot the cause just by walking on your roof or checking your flashings, but that is not always the case. More often than not, leaks are signs of a more extensive roofing issue.

Getting help from a roofing professional is a good place to start so that you’ll know what you’re up against.


Tips to Find a Good Roofing Installer

contractor installing roofJust like in most home improvement projects, the work is only as good as the pros that you hired to do the job. Since roof installation will be one of the most expensive home repairs you’ll encounter, it’s essential that you find the right roofing installer early on.

Do note that some companies or contractors specialize in repairs or replacements. This means some roofers might specialize in installation but not have much experience in repair and vice versa. Make sure that you hire the one that is an expert on what you need.

How can you be sure that you land on the right contractor?

  • Learn about the types of roofing – You need to do some research on which type of roofing that you want so you can hire the right company to do the job.

Another option is to ask a pro to help you determine which are the most appropriate materials to use and cost-effective options for you.

  • Check out the reviews – See what other people are saying about the company or contractor before you hire them.
  • Seek credentials – Reputable roofing companies should be licensed and would be willing to provide you with their credentials.
  • Ask for references – Check references to verify the previous works of the contractors you’re in discussion with. If the company you’re talking to refuses to provide you with references, then it’s a sign to move on to the next one.
  • Contact several service providers – Discuss and get price quotes from at least three to four professional roofers before sealing a deal so you can get the best deal.

You can review the cost section on this page so you get an idea of the quotations these companies will provide you.

  • Closely review the contract and warranty – Before you sign anything, make sure that you understand all that’s in your contract and that you’re well aware of what’s covered in your warranty.

If there is something that’s unclear to you, ask the contractor. A reliable roofer would be patient and take the time to explain each detail to you.

Getting professionals to do the roofing work for you will save you time and money. These people are trained and experienced in this type of project so you should not be facing any roof-related issues anytime soon once the job is complete.

Same Day Pros can help you hire Qualified Roofers working in your neighborhood. Start by typing in your Zip Code, and you’ll find a list of same-day professionals near you.

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