Rubbish Removal

Average Costs

The normal cost for rubbish removal ranges between $150 - $500+. The cost differs due to some factors like:

Common Factors Determining Costs

Load Size & Debris Weight

The cost is affected by how many loads would be required to carry away the rubbish. Some companies also charge extra for heavy loads.

Location and Time Taken for the Task

The cost can vary depending upon the debris location and also how much time it takes to do the work.

Type of Waste

Depending upon the type of debris, the company would have to take it to different locations for dumping and recycling purpose. The distance between these locations from the work site can largely affect the overall cost.

Billing Structure

If you’re being billed on an hourly basis, the time taken for the job can be a major factor affecting the cost. But in case you’re going with a flat rate per job, you won’t need to worry about the time taken. Thus, the billing structure is quite significant in determining the overall cost.

Basic Information

Questions To Ask A Rubbish Removal Company

If you want to hire a good company that delivers what you expect and at a great price, you must ask the following questions while hunting for a good rubbish removal company.

Do you hold a license to do business?

A company that has the state and local license is much adept at work than an unlicensed company.

What’s your website address?

The company that has a proper website is far more reliable than the ones that don’t. Stay away from the companies that don't have online presence.

Do you recycle?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the rubbish gets disposed of at the correct recycling or waste facilities. Ask the company for how they deal with the waste and how much importance do they give to recycling?

Who will do the actual work of rubbish removal?

It is an important question for many companies outsource their work to sub-contractors. Ask the company about who will be performing the removal task and also inquire about the serviceman’s safety record and previous experience with the work.

Do you have proper insurance?

Rubbish removal may seem to be a risk-free task, but it isn’t. Accidents happen every day while doing this task, and if a company doesn’t have a proper insurance, you won’t get the compensation for the damaged caused to your property.

What are your working hours?

Do they work under emergency situations? Do they work on weekends? What are their working hours during weekdays?

Some More Things You Must Check While Hiring

Customer Service

Do they answer your calls courteously? Do they return your calls? Do they answer your queries promptly? Are they punctual? If not, how can you expect them to work properly on your task?


Do the technicians act like professionals? Do they have a dress code? Do they have their company’s name on the business forms? If they don’t, better call some other company.


How much are they charging you? Is that lower than the industry average? The cheap price may be the result of inappropriate disposal techniques.

Typical Items Of Rubbish Removal

Don’t be so doubtful about what can be removed by hiring such a service. A rubbish removal company can remove anything like flooring, windows, walls, drywall, frames, shingles, appliances, furniture, mattress, yard waste, construction waste, storm debris, garbage and many more waste products.


While most of you may think that recycling is something you shouldn’t worry about, this is, in fact, important. Improper waste disposal can be a health risk for your locality. Recycling helps in the reuse of the products and is an environment friendly option.

Most of the companies support recycling and ensure that recyclable material ends up in the right place. Your small query about recycling can make the company be extra cautious while dealing with this. So, always insist that the products get recycled properly.

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