We, at Cats-A-Groomin take pride in our Cat Grooming. We treat every cat with loving care and tenderness. We offer Flea and Tick treatments, medicated baths, and nail trimming, We specialize in the Lion cut for cats

Although cats themselves are very good groomers, sometimes they need some help. Owners of short haired cats know that their cats shed just as much, if not more than the long haired cats. Brushing and combing regularly can also reduce those unpleasant hairballs caused by the cat swallowing hair. Longhaired cats can get tangles that when left alone; they can turn into tight, painful mats. These mats are difficult to get out. With patience and special techniques, we can remove the mats and groom your cat. If you acquire a new kitten, be sure to start conditioning her to the grooming process early. It may not be necessary at this time, but the kitten will get accustomed to the daily routine and will enjoy the extra attention.

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