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Snow Removal Services Overview

Snow RemovalSnow Removal Services is one of the most essential services that you will need during the winter season, especially if your area has been hit by a snow storm or blizzard. Pristine white snow might be a sight to behold, but we all know that it also comes with danger – no one wants to slip in wet snow or have their car skidding while rolling out of the driveway. Anyone who has ever tried to do manual snow removal (or even with the help of equipment such as snow blowers) knows how backbreaking it could be with the freezing temperature making it extra hard. This is why a snow removal service comes in handy, saving you from the trouble and hassle of having to do the hard labor of shoveling and removing the accumulated snow around your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, roof and more.

The winter wonderland season will surely bring in inches of snow depending on the area you are in. You may be forewarned by forecasts, but the weather nowadays is unpredictable. You will never know when it will hit you hard, just take for example what happened in the 2014 North American cold wave. The roads, schools, and businesses were closed, and they canceled most flights. It affected 200 million people. Of course, this is not the case every winter, but it will come in handy when you have professional snow removal services that you can contact right away when the need arises.

Our goal is to give you all the necessary information and help you make the best decision when hiring a company to do snow removal services. As with any other services for your home needs, you have to be able to find the best local service provider that will fit your requirements and provide you with satisfaction-guaranteed professional services to get your money’s worth.


Why You Should Hire a Professionals for Snow Removal Services?

Snow removal is part of the winter season that every homeowner in areas with snowfall will have to experience. It is a labor-intensive job that needs immediate attention if you don’t want the snow to pile up or cause any untoward incidents.

Did you know that several states impose sanctions on homeowners who fail to plow their sidewalks and driveways? This stresses the importance of snow removal in making sure that your household and community steer clear of any unnecessary accidents.

Sure, you can do the snow removal yourself, but hiring a professional snow removal service is more beneficial for you. Here’s why:

# 1 – Avoid snow removal-related injuries

According to Nationwide Children, there are many injuries related to snow shoveling. The most common injuries are bruises, bumps, broken bones, and cuts. There is no need to exert yourself and expose yourself to risk, hiring experts in snow removal services is the way to go.

If you still want to try the DIY route, click here for some safety tips before shoveling.

# 2 – It saves time

Hiring pros is a practical move for homeowners. Rather than spending hours after hours amid the cold after a major snowstorm shoveling your property, you can hire someone to take care of it for you. It saves you time and you can attend to other things with your time

# 3 – Proper Equipment

A professional company has the proper equipment and staff that’s needed to handle the task safely, quickly, and effectively. It is a cost-effective and practical solution especially with equipment being very costly.

# 4 – Liability

It also reduces the risk and liability related to snow and ice accidents. A properly cleared pathway can prevent accident-related lawsuits.

# 5 – Damage

A professional snow clearing company has experience in clearing the snow without causing surface damage. Thus, it not only saves you from accidents but also saves you from bearing unnecessary costs due to damage.

# 6 – Prompt Snow Cleaning

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up to find a thick layer of snow outside your home? Think how long it would take you to clean it before you can move your car.

Hiring a snow removal service can save you from such a time-consuming task and ensure a quick cleanup plus this will also give homeowners the peace of mind that there is less something to worry about during heavy snows.

# 7– Snow Cleanup on Roof

Removing snow from roofs to prevent ice dams and structural damage to the roof is one of the biggest concerns for all homeowners during winter.

However, cleaning them on your own is very risky, but hiring local snow removal service contractors will eliminate that issue.

Snow Removal Services Pricing Guide

Snow Removal Prices

For this year, the national average cost of snow removal is $125. This is for professional one-time snow removal of up to six inches of snow from a standard driveway.

Typically, most contractors charge between $75 and $1150, with the lower end being $50 and the higher-end around $600 (for an annual removal contract).

That said, the snow removal cost is relative and depends on a number of factors as below:

Inches of Snow and Equipment/Method Involved

By Inches of Snow

The inches of snow involved will definitely impact the pricing. The cost mentioned above is for 6 inches of snow or below. If you have snow storms or blizzards, this will involve a huge amount of snow. The price will then increase per inch as snow removal professionals handling the job will need more time, additional labor, and different equipment to effectively remove the snow based on the condition.

Note that aside from the amount of snow involved, the snow removal equipment or method (e.g. sanding, salting, snow blowers, shoveling, snow plowing) that they choose will also depend on the conditions, the size, and the type of area that needs to be cleared.

Removal Frequency

By Frequency

Some snow removal companies charge for a specific amount of clearings. This means that there is a fixed cost that homeowners could “budget” each time they need the service. If the homeowner surpasses that fixed amount, then there will be additional costs for the season. This is typically arranged in advance of the season and the contract is usually based on the average snow per season + labor cost in your areas.

Some companies charge per visit, this is typical for states where snowfalls only happen occasionally. The pricing will be based on the average amount of snow removed. In contrast, there is what we call snow removal per event. The cost will be based on a single specific event like a blizzard or a snow storm. It is a single event, but your professional snow removal contractor might need to visit more than once to finish removing all the snow.

Essentially, most contractors will charge per season, per event, and per visit or one-time removal services offered.

Other factors:

Type of Driveway

The size of your driveway will affect the snow removal costs but only in bigger increments. For instance, there will be no major difference between a four-car driveway and a two-car driveway. But the material used in your driveway (e.g. gravel) and how long your driveway is will result in a much higher snow removal cost.

In addition, the condition of your driveway e.g. is it steep, curvy, etc. could also affect the snow removal costs. Why? Simply because it will take a longer time with more effort to clear the snow on such driveways than on a short or standard straight driveway.

Roof Snow Removal

If in addition to the ground-level areas e.g. driveway, you will require snow removal in areas like your roof, then this could entail an additional charge. Heights mean special tools and extra time, effort and extra safety gear are also needed.


Hiring a snow removal contractor from areas far from your location will also to the cost. Distance will play a huge part in the overhead and operating costs; hence it is also best to hire local snow removal contractors.

Snow Removal Estimate: What to Review

All snow removal companies will give you an estimate for the services they offer. This is usually free but you have to carefully review the inclusions, additional charges, and fine prints to avoid surprises when you receive the final bill.

Ensure the following points are part of the quotation that you will receive:

  1. Entire driveway and parking lot
  2. Walkways, sidewalks, steps
  3. Sanding or salting
  4. Plow or blow the driveway
  5. Per push, per storm, by the hour, or a seasonal contract
  6. Set up reflectors or plow makers
  7. Cash, check, or credit cards
  8. If a seasonal contract, how do they plan on billing you
  9. After how many inches will they plow
  10. Any additional charges
  11. Cleanup services

Pro Tip: It’s always a good idea to get a few quotes before you hire a snow removal service company.

If you want more tips on what to ask and check before hiring a snow removal service contractor, read on. 

What to Check Before Hiring a Snow Removal Company?

License – Ask for all local and state business licenses.

Proof of Insurance – Check proof of both workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Business Stability – Find out how long the company has been in business. The longer, the better!

Check Online Reviews – Rely on websites like Yelp to look for reviews and ratings of snow removal companies in your locality.

References – Ask for references and find out about the work, timeliness, cost, and whether the clients would use the company again for future work.

24-hour Emergency Service – Make sure your local company offers emergency 24-hour service. If you need to call someone right away, it’s good to know that you will not have to wait a long time for them to come and clear all the snow.

Over the Phone Pricing – We generally recommend that estimates for snow removal should not be done over the phone without the contractor seeing the extent of the snow that has to be removed and the area that it is in.

Free Estimates – Most companies offer free estimates, ask for one.

Safety Record – You want a company that doesn’t have a high incidence of on-the-job mishaps or injuries.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Choosing a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee will ensure that they get the job done right the first time. It will save you money and frustration in the long run.

Cleanup – The snow piles left behind can be in the way. Ask what cleanup work the company includes with its services.


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