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Window Cleaning

Choosing a professional window cleaning company is a very important decision for today’s homeowners. The quality of work, types of cleaning services offered, and price comparison are major factors in determining which company you will entrust your home to.

It is a good idea for homeowners to have their windows professionally cleaned at least a couple of times per year. This will help to ensure that they always look their best and that dirt and other debris do not have a chance to become caked on, which can make them harder to clean in down the road. Furthermore, it is never a bad idea to hose off the exterior windows of a home any time you get a chance, as this will also help to dislodge debris and dust from the window panes.

Professional window cleaning companies, pride themselves on being able to provide quality cleaning at competitive prices, with your complete satisfaction.

Average Costs of Window Cleaning

$2-$7 per pane
For a 1,300-square foot home with 20 panes, the cost would run $40-$140.
For a 2,200-square foot home with 28 panes, the price would average $56-$196.

Screen Cleaning
$1-$5 each,

Sliding Glass Doors
$2-$8 per door.

Sills and Tracks
$1 cents-$5.

Ladder Work
$3-$5 extra per window.

Paint or Stain Removal
$3-$6 for a regular-sized window.

Removing Mineral Deposits
$5 – $20 per pane

Tools & Chemical For Professional Window Cleaning

Window Squeegee
is the most famous one because it is used on all types of windows. Your house and business windows can be cleaned with the window squeegee.

Chemicals added to the water solution range from dish soap and glass cleaner to Trisodium Phosphate and etching salt. In sub-freezing temperatures, anti-freezing chemicals are added to the solution to prevent it from crystallizing on the pane before it is sluiced off.

Water-fed Poles
Any of a variety of types of telescopic poles, fitted at the upper end with a brush and water jets, fed either from vehicle-borne water tanks of water or by on-site production.

Steps In Professional Window Cleaning

Wash With A Strip Applicator 
The long cloth head of a strip applicator soaks up a lot of soapy water and knocks dirt loose without scratching the glass.

Wipe Clean With A Squeegee
Starting at the top left, pull the squeegee over the soapy pane in a reverse-S pattern (left-handers would start at the top right). At the end of each stroke, wipe the squeegee blade clean with a lint-free rag.

Dry Off Remaining Drips
Remove any water remaining on the edges of the glass with a damp, wrung-dry chamois, which soaks up wetness without leaving streaks. Dry the windowsill with a rag.

Scrubbing The Panes
A handheld sponge or hog-bristle brush works best on multi-pane windows. Using the same solution of a squirt of liquid soap in water, rub each pane from left to right, top to bottom, working the sponge edges or brush bristles into the corners to loosen dirt.

Basic Information


Questions To Ask Your Local Window Cleaning Company

Are you licensed, and insured? 
The professional cleaning companies you interview should be able to provide their licenses and certifications when you meet with them in person, and even have them listed on their website. Professional window cleaning companies should also carry both liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Do you offer free estimates?
A reputable, honest company should come out to your home and estimate the work for FREE. Be sure to get at least 3 estimates and compare not just the costs but also the services provided. Paying a little more for a job well done the first time is better than paying for cheap service multiple times.

Do you have your own employees, or do you subcontract the work?
If the window cleaning company uses subcontractors, best bet would be to just move on.

What is your window cleaning process? 
Ask how the process works and the types of chemicals that are used.

How many people will be needed to clean the windows?
It’s good to know how many people will be in your home beforehand.

How long should the process take?
This is so you can make preparations for the whole process.

Tips & Advice

Ask For The License – Ask for all local and state business licenses.

Proof Of Insurance– For your own protection, check proof of both workman’s compensation and  liability Insurance.

Business Stability– Find out how long the company has been in business.

Check Online Reviews – You’re probably not the first person in town looking for their services. Rely on the internet to get reviews written by people in your community.

References – Expect any top-notch company to be able to provide you with references upon request. Once you have these names, contact the clients to get information about the quality service. When you call, ask questions about the work, timeliness, cost and whether the clients would use the company again for future work.

24-hour Emergency Service – Make sure your local company offers emergency 24 hour service. If something goes wrong, it’s good to know that you will not have to wait days for them to come  out and fix it.

Over The Phone Pricing –  Honest estimates simply cannot be given over the phone – especially if you aren’t talking with an actual technician when you call.

Free Estimates – Most companies offer free estimates. This is important because they can provide you with the costs upfront, so that you are not shocked with a bill after the services are completed.

Safety Record – Safety can be a significant factor, so ask the company about their safety records to ensure that any service professional you hire has a satisfactory safety record. You want a company that doesn’t have a high incidence of on-the-job mishaps or injuries.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Choosing a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee will ensure that they will get the job done right the first time and will save you money and frustration in the long run.

Cleanup – The mess left behind after a project can be major. Ask what cleanup work the company includes with it’s services.


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